How It Works:

Experience state-of-the-art poker AI, where Bayesian probabilities are intertwined with neural networks and unyielding Nash equilibrium. Trained on millions of hands, the poker bot calculates every outcome, adapts to different play styles, and harmonizes optimal game theory strategies with Monte Carlo simulation to create real-time decision trees. It's not just poker—it's a magic of advanced math and strategy, tailored for the online poker symphony.

Available now: our poker AI app for Android OS analyzes your Pokerrrr 2 gameplay, current table status, cards, opponents, and their stats. The AI processes this data, providing you with the most optimal play decision with a positive expected value.

 You can either follow the poker AI's prompts yourself or let the bot automatically handle all in-game actions for you.


Learn poker like a Pro: Partner with our advanced Poker AI on top platforms.
Automate your game: Trust our savvy bot, see your bankroll soar. Replace grind with success.
Build the Poker Empire: Keep chips flying 24/7 in your clubs. Under your watch, legends rise and fame echoes your name.
Caution: Once you reach this height, there's no return. Welcome to the big leagues—a thrilling yet uncharted ride. Ready for the challenge?


You should have experience with online poker rooms. For manual play with AI tips or running a few bots, a basic PC or laptop is sufficient. For faster earnings and running multiple bots, a high-performance PC is recommended. The AI app and Pokerrrr 2 run in an Android emulator on Windows OS. To bypass security checks and run multiple bots, you'll need socks5-proxies.


We're ready to offer you a trial software license and provide proof of long-term profits.
Here, we can only share limited demo images and videos.


We offer three packages: start with the Entry level "Code Breaker" for manual play, upgrade to the Optimal package "Data Drifter" with auto-mode, or go for the all-inclusive All-In package "Pro Master". Plus, you can always add on add-ons later if you need more features.


In our blog, you can catch up on the latest news and announcements about our poker AI for Pokerrrr2.

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